Scars from the Knives of Love

Are they too deep?


Is there any way I can love with them?

Must I wait for them to fade away?


Can I fall in love again, with these still visible

for you and for me?



Can I move past and create something bigger than myself.


Is there a way that I can grow?

Grow out of the scars,

the scars that are placed

on my heart, my mind and my lips


Shall it be a burden or am I just sitting in my own tears.


Is there something wrong or is this something others feel.


I feel empty from others, I push ones away, ones who I should not.


Days feel better when my bed is empty, just my skinny corpose

watching the time pass

days turning to nights.


I can’t tell anymore.


I can’t fall, for if I slip

who knows what new scars will be added?


Who knows if these scars will turn back into

bleeding marks.


Freshly cut by those who I thought loved me

like I truly loved them.


It scares you like it scares me.  These scars.  I am glad it does.

We can compare our scars, for maybe you’ll have some too.


Maybe our scars can fade together.  Maybe we have different scars

in different places.


Do you dare?


But with these scars…

there is not much more to love.


I feel unconscious to other’s love:

I am numb to the touch,

blurred to beauty

deaf to your voice.


My heart beats.  Can you hear it?

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