Author: Zack Roland

Table Mountain

Spent the day touring around Cape Horn and the coast of South Africa.  Took the gondola up to the top of Table Mountain which overlooks all of Cape Town at 3,558ft.  Often it’s covered in clouds but that night it cleared up and we got a perfect view of the the coast leading down to the Cape of Good Hope (pictured) and the city which was shadowed by the mountain.  Watching the sun set over the water was a beautiful experience coming from Maine where the sun sets over land. DSC_0279

The Big 5

DSC_0219Arrived in Cape Town, South Africa January 15th, 2015.  Went from snow storms to 80 degrees and living on a boat.  I think this was the second day with the S/Y Argo crew and we got up at 0600 to hop on a bus to this “Big 5” Safari.  The Safari was very small and the animals were contained seperately from each other which gave the impression upon myself and some of the others as more of a zoo.  None the less, we spent the day travelling around in an old elevated WWII truck taking as many pictures as possible.  I snapped this one just as the truck began to roll forward so that the elephant could cross the dirt road we were on.  It was taken with no zoom and this massive animal was probably 10 feet away when we rolled forward.  As you can see in the picture the tusks are cut.  This is preformed by safari officials who tranquilize the animal to cut the tusks as opposed to the poachers killing the animal just for the ivory.  Hopefully I’ll go on another safari when I visit South Africa again later this year.DSC_0219