Author: Libby Thompson


I know now,

that there’s been a weighted shield

meant to “protect” my heart; 

hide it from pain. 



You tried to change me

and for one moment

I did,

I felt free. 

Even if only temporarily.



Now, though, it’s back in its entirety 

that weight anchored

by the tears constantly held back.



Fake smiles strain 

the muscles meant to show my humanity. 

Pulled to the point of no return. 

Counter thoughts 1

While I wholeheartedly agree that the cost vs. reward scheme of a liberal arts education in the United States today completely obliterates its validity, I believe there is still value in learning bits and pieces from all fields of study. I think in music it really depends on who you are as a musician. If you are someone who is focused mainly on the beat or production of a song, then sitting in some bullshit philosophy class staring at celebrities who’ve made it on instagram, while contemplating whether the severity of this two day hangover means you have an alcohol problem is more than worthless. College for you is worthless.

Listening to Luke (won pound) or Ben’s music you can hear the passion and fully understand that this is what they need to be doing with their time. Studying anything else would just mean that the debt they accumulate in these 90k schools through way too much partying and not nearly enough studying would have to be paid back most likely through them conforming to the bullshit music standard that will begrudgingly sell to the masses (i.e. Macklemore).

Ben and I would both like to see ourselves making a living as musicians someday. The word musician, however, is too general in this day in age. Ben does not need college. English and History will not help him create the breakout beat or riff that will inevitably make him successful. It may make him a well-rounded person but it will not help him make better songs in the genre in which he is trying to break into.

Breaking the mold in lyrics is a different story. You can’t tell a new and different story if you don’t have the words to tell it. While I resent at the time being forced to write essays or analyze poems, I can honestly say that growing as a writer or critical thinker goes hand in hand with growing as a lyrical musician. You have to truly understand the past in order to assure that you will not recreate it.

That being said though, I would not even begin to consider signing up and paying for an English or a History course if I had to pay even half of what students in the U.S. are paying. Who knows if music would be nearly as prevalent in my life today if I hadn’t left.

I do not think the problem is with the liberal arts education in itself but more with what the cost is to obtaining it.

chosen paths lyrics.

chosen paths

Chords: C, Cadd7, Cadd9, C


I know 

You’re being followed

By my ghosts (x2-possibly)


Blood-based metaphors

Say you owe me everything 

Stop at nothing 


Brother walking alone



White collar chains

Binding you 

To a predetermined life


But as money falls off trees

Will you stay to plant more

Will you stay



Brother walking alone

Let me guide you

To wherever you wish to go

Wherever you wish to go


Let me see the remnants

of the happiness you used to have

Let me see them burn again

in a path you 

and you alone

have chosen. 


Brother walking alone

Let me guide you

To wherever you wish to go

Wherever you wish to go