Author: Devon Bray


This is a photo from my 22nd Birthday.


This was an absolutely insane thing. It turns out, that for weeks, my girlfriend had been coordinating with my closest friends from school and from home ┬áto surprise me in with what would be the best party I’ve ever been to. Looking a level higher, seeing all these people in the same room was a very strange thing. A few people aside, these are really all the people who have the majority share in making me who I am. I am so cosmically lucky to have Miranda in my life.

My life is so perfect, everything is going in the right direction. I find myself trying to explain away the sheer LUCK and good fortune that has been assigned to me. I am feeling good man.

I spent a lot of time in 2016 thinking about what quality actually is, I wonder what 2017’s word is going to be.

More photos from the evening:

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