Block the Wind is a collective of individuals who have come together in order to share their individual creative pursuits. We believe in strength in numbers. The talents and passion that could be capitalized on by each member individually, but has instead been brought here to build and grow off of each other in order to create its own diverse standard of genius.We believe in the products we put out to the world and have full confidence in their relevance to how we want to be perceived in society today. We are our own culture. We push known creative boundaries.

When Ben and I were younger, we talked abstractly about wanting to create a “our-neighborhood-is-poppin” website to showcase the different projects going on among our close friends. At the time, nothing was really worth seeing, and no one among us was capable of putting anything of substance online. Fast forward though garage band and html snippets and here you are.

As it stands, we are Luca Seid, Ben ThompsonEthan Nightingale, Libby Thompson, Miranda Lawell, Won PoundZack Roland and myself.

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